Landscaping Trends That Increase the Value of Your Home

Making sure that the exterior of your home is as stunning as the interior portions are essential when selling a house. Curb appeal is still a necessary part of attracting potential home buyers and justifying your asking price. Keeping up with modern ideas is another way that you can subtly convey that your home is current and updated to help beat out the competition. Consider adding these landscaping trends that increase the value of your home to help your home sell quickly.

Make It Multi-Use Landscaping trends when selling a home in Boca Raton

Maximizing the use of outdoor areas around the home is a great way to boost property value. Making your patio or porch as inviting as the interior will help extend the home’s usable space. Combining spots of the yard for multiple functions, such as outdoor dining and vertical gardening, can provide value to support your asking price. Upgrade the exterior areas of your home by making them multifunctional whenever possible.

Plant Native Color

Landscapes around the nation are embracing native plants that help the environment and keep maintenance low. Planting pops of bright color around the yard will help attract both potential buyers and beautiful pollinators as well. These native plants are easy to care for as they are already accustomed to the local climate. Brilliant blooms such as goldenrod, dune (or beach) sunflowers, and coreopsis, add stunning shades of yellow to the garden and are also more salt tolerant than other plants. Consider what local plants are best for your area. Plant a row of flowers along major walkways of the yard and consider adding containers of plants near the front and back doors of the home for a boost of interest.

Keep It Private

Homeowners want to spend time outdoors without being on display for the entire neighborhood to see. Make sure that your home has a partial or fully private area where the new owners can relax and enjoy nature. Adding some outdoor seating to these spots is essential and so is providing some vertical shade and privacy from others. Consider planting fast-growing shrubs or even installing a multipurpose vertical garden that can shield the area as well as grow produce. Another way to provide privacy is including hanging outdoor curtains or installing some fencing that can partially block the view.

Choose Low-Maintenance Grass

Southeast Florida sees plenty of sunshine, humidity and heat, nearly year-round. Many warm-season grass types love this unique climate and thrive under hot conditions. Choosing a warm season grass that is low maintenance is an excellent way to cut down on your time spent mowing the lawn during the busy selling season. St. Augustine grass is perfect for planting a new patch of grass or re-sodding the entire yard for a more uniform look. It grows quickly via long, above-ground runners that are effective at filling in a lawn’s bald spots. Centipede grass is also an excellent choice for homeowners who don’t want to mow as much.

Update Outdoor Lighting

Changing outdated lighting fixtures is one of the easiest and quickest ways to upgrade your yard. Keep up with the latest trends by choosing dark metal light fixtures that match the style of your home. Consider solar-powered options that cut down on the electric bill and help the environment. Place solar spotlights or pathway lights around the yard to help potential buyers see the beauty of the entire yard even if they come for a tour at night.

Keeping up with the latest landscaping trends will help convey that your home is modern and ready to purchase. Putting time and effort into upgrading the landscaping and yard will help attract a serious buyer who will pay top dollar. Consider all of these landscaping trends that increase the value of your home.

Real Estate News and Events

What’s the latest Real Estate News?

Whats happening in Real Estate market

Keeping up with the Real Estate Market news is no small task.

Here, I thought I’d feature some interesting; yes indeed interesting, along with need to know Real Estate news and events that occurred during May 2019. With so many of us always on the move, you’ve quite possibly haven’t been able to keep up. With this in mind, I’ve cherry picked a few articles that I found across the web, that offer up important facts for you to know. I’ve always been a firm believer in staying in the know. So lets get in the know.

I’ve provided brief summaries of the articles for you, and you can then click on the “Read article” links to read the entire article, which you’ll want to do, as they provide a lot of insight and interesting tidbits on the Real Estate market.

Change seems to be constant, doesn’t it? Lets get started and discover the Real Estate news from May.

Future Real Estate Market Predictions

What’s happening in the Real Estate Market and what does the future hold for the market? This article shares some ideas predicting what is in store for us. Don’t you just love predictions?!

Three industry experts discuss economic expansion, rising home sales and wage growth.

Online Home Estimates and Their Value

What are the origins of the online estimate and where are they now? While once in a blue moon they may sometimes come close in their estimates, did you know that even Senior Z executives would even hire a Real Estate Agent to sell their homes?! Now that’s telling, isn’t it? Now you know what us Real Estate Agents mean when we tell you that Zestimates aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. You really ought to listen to us.

Computer generated estimates often touted as simply a conversation starter by Real Estate Agents when discussing a customer’s home value with them. Yet, not always what the homeowner wants to hear. It’s up to the Agent to explain the pricing differences; after all, isn’t it the Agent you’re hiring who is the expert, the one who prices homes for a living? This is so much about making sure you choose your Realtor right to avoid the dreaded results, when you don’t.

Public view of these online estimates have come to a sharper understanding where more and more view these values as just an estimate and will rely on their Realtor to provide a more accurate home selling price. Ultimately, it will always be about deferring to your local Realtor for their knowledge. High five.

Taxes Driving People to Move to South Florida

With the recent tax law changes, we’re finding that more and more homeowners are making the move out of high tax states; those states adversely affected by SALT (state and local taxes) when it comes to taxes. Check out the predictions for residential growth in the lower taxed states.

Luxury Real Estate markets, such as those located in Boca Raton Florida are welcoming new residents to its city, typically within East Boca Raton Florida where you’ll find those moving to Boca Raton Florida.

Biggest Roadblock for U.S. Home shoppers is High Home Prices

Home Buyers continue their search for a home, even after searching for 3 months or more have passed them by, as reported in a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders.

I can certainly understand this dilemma as I have an adult son, a first time home Buyer, who has been searching for a home to buy. It seems that either homeowners have pipe dreams as to the true value of their homes or my son just doesn’t want to settle for something less than what he envisions – I wonder what it is…?! We buy houses in Ruston

Take a closer look at the NAHB findings to see what many first time home Buyers are experiencing.

Know your Property’s Encumbrances

Surveys will detail a property’s easements. When buying a home, a survey will be provided detailing your property lines. When buying a home you will be advised of your property’s encumbrances that can include such items, as easements and encroachments. This Real Estate event reveals their importance and what happened when a Californian homeowner ignored an easement on their property when they decided to mess with a 180 year old oak tree. Really? Who would ever want to mess with an 180 year old oak tree, anyway?! Well these homeowners did and it wasn’t taken lightly by a judge.